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Tourmaline, October's Rainbow Gemstone

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If you're an October baby you're in good company --geniuses, leaders, creative artists such as...Albert Einstein, Julie Andrews, Alexander McQueen, Gwen Stefani, Hilary Clinton, Groucho Marx, Susan Sarandon, John Lennon, and many many more.

And you're very lucky to have one of the world's most coveted and beautiful gemstones for your birthstone. Tourmaline, aka “the rainbow gemstone”, comes in more colors and combinations than any jewel in the world. Egyptian legends claim that tourmaline traveled from the center of the earth, passed over the rainbow and absorbed every possible hue -- deep black, blue, neon blue, brown, yellow, lime to dark green, red, reddish purple, pink, and clear crystal. 


                                Strawberry Toumaline Collar               Multi Tourmaline 18K Necklace

Do you think you can spot a tourmaline? Think again. Top experts throughout history have been fooled by this vibrant gemstone.

Did you know?

Catherine the Great’s 398.72-carat “ruby” that is mounted on top of the Great Imperial Crown of Russia, that was designed and constructed for her coronation in 1762 is actually tourmaline.



"Brazilian emeralds" sent home by Portuguese colonials for centuries were actually green tourmaline.


            Geometric Brazilian Rhubarb Tourmaline               Green Tourmaline Torsade

Rare and precious "watermelon" tourmaline with a deep pink center and a green rind on the outside like its namesake fruit is supposed to encourage unconditional love.


                                                     Precious faceted tourmaline w. Aquamarine Pendant

Black tourmaline is supposed to banish negativity and depression. However it's significantly more pricey than zoloft.


Many claim (probably not doctors) that tourmaline calms the nerves, fights genetic disorders, regulates hormones, induces tranquility in sleep, relieves arthritis, and helps fight off heart disease. 


                                                  Trillion Cut Brazilian Watermelon Multi-toned Tourmaline

Of all tourmalines, the creme de la creme is Paraiba Tourmaline which in its cut polished form is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world, selling for over $10,000 a karat.

It’s a rare event when a new gem variety causes tremendous excitement in the gemstone world. It happened with tanzanite in the 1960's, but only with the marketing muscle of Tiffany & Co. behind it. The case of Paraiba tourmaline is a different story. The unusual specimen was first discovered in the Brazilian state of Paraiba in 1989 by a dedicated miner named Hector Barbosa who worked the Mina da Bathalha for over 5 years before he found samples of this extremely rare, never before seen form of tourmaline. It was first introduced to the gemstone world at the annual Tucson gem show in early 1990. It caused an immediate sensation. The market demand was so strong, and the supply so limited, that it became nearly impossible for gem dealers to buy stock. Two small deposits were later found in Africa but the prized Paraiba Tourmaline is still from Brazil.


                                                                 Brazilian Raw Paraiba Tourmaline

Click on any of the pictures above to purchase these one of a kind tourmaline gems for your birthday! And as a birthday present for October babies,  enjoy 15% off all tourmaline designs till October 31!


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