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HandPainted Miniatures

The art of lacquer hand-painted miniatures dates back to 1795. The secrets of making them, much like the finest Venetian glass, have been passed from one generation to another. Today this art form still flourishes in small studios. Contemporary artists create stunning one of a kind miniatures inspired by details of famous paintings, nature, and abstract patterns. Each piece is painstakingly hand-painted - no two are ever exactly the same. Three to four layers of paints, along with several coats of lacquer, are applied to the gemstone before it is completed. This layering brings out an iridescent quality further enhanced by an underlay of gold leaf. Each piece is signed by the artist in 14K gold paint. 

It takes at least two months for a special order because each piece is individually painted (if you look closely no two are identical). I then design a necklace to match the mood of each artistic miniature.  These have been SO popular that I only have one of most designs left and will not be reordering because the time, labor and cost of gold have risen too high.  So catch this while you can.



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