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Change One Thing - Positive Tips for 2018

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A New Year's Resolution is something that goes in one year and out the next!

Instead of sweeping goals, why not make one small change?


1.  Smile. Smile at strangers (even if you live in NY). People will smile back and it will make everyone including you feel better

2.  Take a Small Bite out of a potential Big Problem--go to the dentist at least once a year before a cavity becomes a crown.


3.  Get up on the Right Side of the Bed - and if that’s too much at least Get Up  

4.  Take a chance and do something you've never done before.


5. Enjoy the small stuff - like a tiny taste of chocolate.

6. Simplify. The less you have the more you'll have.

7.  Be Colorful. If you’re a “water” person, try being a "fire" for one day. If you don’t like the effect, don’t worry – they’ll cancel each other out and you can start from scratch.

8. Live in the moment.  Hum the lyrics to Pink's infectious song "“Today's the day I've been waiting for, tomorrow may never come, yesterday is so far away.  Today is the only day!"

9.  Enjoy the sunrise or if you’re a night person enjoy the sunset!              

10.  Travel for fun …or visit a place you’ve never been to in your own town.

11.  Walk and drink water. Start with small steps and small sips and keep going 

12. Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.

12. Be KIND. Ellen ends every show with – “Be kind to one another” This is what the world needs now -civility and respect - regardless of personal opinions

13.  Revive a forgotten art. Talk to someone in the flesh once a day. Skip the texts and emails for once. Look into someone’s eyes and interact face to face even if it’s only by Skype.


14. Even if current events get you down, resolve to make the coming year better than the past.

15. Last, but certainly not least, start the New Year in Style - Wear Bess Heitner Jewelry!


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