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7 Valentine Gifts that only LOOK expensive

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You don't have to spend a fortune to give a gift that looks like a million (almost).  

Each of these wonderful jewels will thrill that special woman in your life -- your wife, your girlfriend, your fiancee, your mom, your teacher, your mentor..   And, every one is under $138 during our special Valentine Sale.  

Here are just a few suggestions from many many choices.

  • Great for any holiday and all year round,  but especially for Valentine's Day. Don't miss out on the last two Holiday Blossom pieces in our collection.



Getting ready for that special evening out? 

  • Vintage Mikimoto pearl heart clutch  
  • Chanel powder compact and mirror 
  • Yves St Laurent Fire Engine Red Lipstick 
  • A radiant one-of-a-kind Bess Heitner mother of pearl marcasite heart necklace                                                                               

Choose the Venetian Pink Gold Dichroic Glass Pendant or the stunning Crystal Mother of Pearl Blossom Collar


Little things mean a lot. This one of a kind Baby Love Venetian Heart features 24K mingled with swirls of ruby, garnet and orange-gold. And two of our website bestsellers are still here for you - the magnificent rhodolite garnet necklace with a vintage garnet silver heart clasp.


Don't miss lots of other great gifts starting at $48 and up to the creme de la creme...

Valentine's Day is...

...the celebration of love in all its forms – a moment of passion, a lifelong commitment, affection for a friend, appreciation for a teacher or mentor, a tidbit for a beloved pet (yes pets receive almost as many gifts as people), or just the irresistible desire to give a gift to someone you like. This year over $20 billion [...]

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7 Ways to Tell If Your Pearls Are Real Or Fake

Can you tell if your pearls were made in an oyster or in a factory? And why does it matter?Genuine pearls are an investment that can last forever. They are the only “gems” made by a living creature in fresh water or saltwater. They may be natural (very rare) or cultured, which means they [...]

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Pick Your Poison: A Brief History of Deadly Jewelry

Murder by Poison, sounds like an Agatha Christie thriller but in fact this method of dispatching people has been with us from ancient times right up to today.                                                               [...]

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July’s Magnificent Birthstone – Royal Rubies

                                                                                                               The Ruby [...]

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Nature's Treasures: The Chambered Nautilus

Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul!  As the swift seasons roll! Leave thy low vaulted past!  Let each new temple, nobler than the last,  Shut thee from heaven with a dome more vast,  Till thou at [...]

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Tourmaline, October's Rainbow Gemstone

                                        If you're an October baby you're in good company --geniuses, leaders, creative artists such as...Albert Einstein, Julie Andrews, Alexander McQueen, Gwen Stefani, Hilary Clinton, Groucho Marx, Susan Sarandon, John Lennon, and many many more.And you're very [...]

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It’s September!  For the Fashion industry that’s like January 1– the start of all things new after months of planning.  Here are a few exciting events to kickoff Fashion Week I’m launching my new Autumn Glow Collection today. Inspired by my favorite season, it features 44 one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces in hues of ruby, gold, emerald, indigo, [...]

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COLOR CODING: 12 Combos to take you through Labor Day in Style

Check out these color schemes I love mixing and matching. Pick up on these combos for the next three weeks and you'll stand out wherever you go The hats and clothes are mine, but ALL the jewelry can all be yours.RED AND WHITEThere's nothing that makes a more dramatic statement and says summer like red [...]

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Natural Treasures For A National Treasure - A Benefit for New York Theatre Ballet

Bess Heitner Jewelry is pleased to debut its new spring 2015 collection on Thurday April 30 7:30-9:30pm to benefit New York Theatre Ballet. Each new piece is inspired by one-of-a kind sculptures created by nature –amber, coral, unusual pearls, rare shells, and, most particularly, the legendary chambered nautilus shell. Our last  blogpost described how these natural masterpieces stunned Europe [...]

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