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Natural Treasures For A National Treasure - A Benefit for New York Theatre Ballet

Bess Heitner Jewelry is pleased to debut its new spring 2015 collection on Thurday April 30 7:30-9:30pm to benefit New York Theatre Ballet. Each new piece is inspired by one-of-a kind sculptures created by nature –amber, coral, unusual pearls, rare shells, and, most particularly, the legendary chambered nautilus shell. Our last  blogpost described how these natural masterpieces stunned Europe [...]

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​Aquamarine, March’s Magnificent Birthstone

The translucent, elegant Aquamarine is one of my favorite gemstones. Its rich understated splendor holds its own against any gem, and its cool glow enhances other stones special qualities. In my own collection, I particularly like to mix fine aquamarines with opals and tourmalines for an effect perfect any time of the [...]

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A Valentine Toast to the one and only Colette!

                             “When she raises her eyelids, it’s as if she were taking off her clothes”                                                          [...]

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5 Holiday Jewelry Must Haves

1. A RAVISHING ROPEYou can’t go wrong with a sparkling rope. Layer it with other pieces, wear one or more flapper length, double or triple it, wrap it half a dozen times round your wrist, or loop around your hips. The possibilities are limitless as your imagination.           2. SOMETHING BOLDWhen you wear one [...]

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Rare Kimberley Diamond and Other Treasures on View in New York City

© AMNHIf you’re in Manhattan during the coming year, don’t miss one of the most extraordinary diamonds in the world, the rare 55.08 carat champagne colored Kimberley diamond on loan to the American Museum of Natural History through June 2014. Cut from a 490-carat crystal discovered in the 19th century at the Kimberley Mine [...]

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